Heart metabolism management during cardiac surgery

This project aims to create a new medical device – HEART GUARD. The device will be used in cardiac surgery during all procedures performed on arrested hearts. Heart Guard is a system for the continuous measurement of cardiac muscle acidosis (pH). Heart Guard is a device created to increase the safety of cardiac surgical procedures through the elimination of suboptimal protection of an arrested heart. 

Heart Guard technology is a system for the continual measurement of cardiac metabolism. Heart Guard is designed to support controlled cardiac arrest (cardioplegic arrest) during heart surgery. Heart Guard has the potential to reduce mortality and the instance of severe complications resulting from the effect of suboptimal cardioplegia at the cellular level

In this round, Heart Guard will be tested in terms of biocompatibility to ensure future registration of the device. Additionally, the method of the sterilisation will be chosen. The Heart Guard system will be checked on an animal model during reconstruction of arrested heart surgery to confirm its functionality and safety. Intellectual property protection for Heart Guard will be applied for in a few months.

By the end of the project – after completion of all the planned milestones – investors will be invited for second round. 

The project is funded by the National Centre for Research and Development and Venture Capital Fund YouNick Mint.