Przemysław Furdal

Chief Executive Officer

Przemysław Furdal specializes in the management of research and development projects. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Heart Sense project and vice-president and co-founder of Quantum Innovations. He gained his experience at BTM Innovations and IP Innovations where in recent years he has been involved in acquiring and coordinating project tasks from the earliest stages, i.e. analysing the market potential of projects, creating intellectual property protection strategies, as well as preparing a comprehensive business plan and obtaining financing. He has participated in over 25 complex projects so far. He has prepared, among other things, comprehensive documentation for investors.

He is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk (medical chemistry), the University of Warsaw (organic chemistry), Warsaw School of Economics (management) and a patent attorney applicant.

Grzegorz Suwalski MD, PhD

Chief Science Officer 

Dr Suwalski is a specialist in cardiac surgery, co-creator of the Heart Guard technology and other Quantum Innovations concepts. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Heart Sense, and Chief Executive Officer and cofounder of Quantum Innovations – a company developing devices for use during cardiac surgery. He is the author of over 120 scientific publications and congress reports and a co-author of the implementations of several innovative surgical techniques published abroad and in this country (including The New York Times). A member of Polish and international scientific societies, he underwent training in centres in Switzerland and Germany and is a lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw. 

He is a graduate of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and has a PhD in medical sciences awarded by the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.