For all interested in incoming medical devices we report progress of Heart Guard project. Last month the solutions of final prototype of the probe were selected by all teams. So now the laboratory and ex-vivo tissue tests will be conducted to confirm repeatability of results. 

IT team has finished work of the final layout and display of collected signal by Heart Guard probe. It is being designed to make working with all system as simple as possible for cardiac surgical teams. 

Simultaneously, main components of Heart Guard systems are under biocompatibility tests. Once the reports will state GO then we will test them with gamma irradiation sterilization. Probably in three following months first animal experiment on living heart will be done. This will be crucial point – first ever collection of signal from the inside of heart muscle with Heart Guard. 

In the begging of May IP protections team, scientists, clinicians and managers have gathered over patent applications. This work will last few weeks to create strong protections for Heart Guard for many, many years.